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11:52 pm: painting
Now that you are moving to wellington, I will try to use this more. I am painting a room. what colours should i paint it? it has a fireplace in it and these strange strips of wood lining the joints in the walls. the ceiling is also rather low. I was going to paint the walls red and the fireplace, window frames, the strips up the walls and the skirting boards black. I have so far painted it white, and it looks quite good.

The other week I was buying food and saw freya. I waved a very awkward wave then proceeded to follow her into the supermarket. I was going to follow her through the supermarket, but I bought food instead.

I've always wanted to stalk someone. When I lived in Nelson I told everyone that I was stalking this chick in our class, but I only drove past her house on the way home once and didn't even stop. The problem with stalking is that it gets very boring very fast, people are always so predictable in their actions. You never see someone walk up to a piece of cheese and pick it up and rub it on their face, then put it back. That would be funny.

Stalking is only fun if you are doing it with other people. Back when I lived in Nelson, there was this man who drove a red station wagon in you would frequently see on friday nights driving around tahuna beach. We made up this story he was a rapist because his car looked like the kind of car a rapist would drive. Whenever we would see him, driving around, we'd follow him. This went on for years. On one occasion, my friend followed him for over an hour.



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Date:August 23rd, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
ra, alas, I didn't make the grade so you guys gotta put up with me for a bit longer =P
Date:February 17th, 2013 12:25 am (UTC)
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